Zetabi environmental policy

Reliable, productive and ecofriendly

Today more than ever, saving the environment is crucial: Zetabi knows this well and is a company concerned with environmental issues, it uses technologies and renewable energies, to lower its impact and harm to the environment.

What does this mean? It means that our company has:

  • Save tens of thousands of trees
  • Usage of 160.000 litres of petroleum avoided.

These two actions make it possible to consume less oxygen, precious for all of us, and to not emit tons of carbon dioxide, which is toxic for the organism: it is therefore a health driven choice, because respecting the environment means respecting all of us.

How is it possible? We do this thanks to solar pannels, which cover the roofs of our buildings.

Furthermore, Zetabi is committed to recycling the water used in the production of clothing, thanks to a water purification system with low environmental impact. The system uses machinery like lasers and ozone washing machines, which allow the realisation of vintage clothing, without any water consumption.

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Water Recovery


Solar Energy Panels


Production Sustainable

Our commitment: no work process can be considered by our company, without having assessed the impact on the environment in advance.

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