Our philosophy

To create is to destroy

Zetabi srl , located in Agugliano (AN) is a company that is operating for 50 years in the sector of the textile not only specialized in the workmanship of heads in denim but of any other typology of product in the sector of the Sportwear.

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Brain Storming

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Design and Prototype

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Bring it to Life

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Make it Unique

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Our company manage the whole productive iter from the purchase of the first materials, passing to the cut, wrapping, washing, finishing and shipment to the client the ended garment. The actual productive order allows us to reach a productive ability of around 700.000 garments the year.

Passion and Expertise

We conceive, design and produce for our customers innovative jeans or sportswear items, in line with the best and most new market trends.

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A proudly

Ecofriendly business

Our commitment: no work process can be considered by our company, without having assessed the impact on the environment in advance.

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Zetabi pannelli solari

We pay close attention to environmental issues. We have developed measures aimed at business sustainability, such as energy production and water purification treatments used - on which algae grow naturally at the end of the process.

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